Not all of our vendors are there every week, so if you want to make sure a particular vendor will be there when you come, please contact them directly.

Name Product
Amandes Maribel Prepared Food More

Nuts ! : ) Almonds, hazelnuts, pecans roasted and flavoured delicately with amazing and simple ingredients. Nut butters too! Something new often. New trail mix* for 2022.

Ambiance Botanique par MELO Crafts More

I create therapeutic offerings such as soy wax candles, roll ons, floral bath salts, bath bombs and salves. All products are made with 100% natural ingredients and include personal touches such as select essential oils, hand-picked flowers & herbs and energizing crystals.

Apple Road Goat Milk Soaps Crafts More

Quality all natural, artisan goat milk soaps.

Bare Naked Organix Crafts More

At Bare Naked Organix I care deeply about simple and effective skincare that makes you feel at home in your skin. Try the difference simple, effective ingredients make.

Bean Fair Coffee Prepared Food More

By the cup or by the pound, come grab some delicious Fairtrade & Organic Certified Bean Fair coffee! One of our customers recently said “Your coffee is SO good we are sad when we get to the bottom of our cup!” Thanks – ethical never tasted so good, we say.

Carol-Ann McColgan Photography Crafts More

I am a Wakefield Quebec photographer specializing in nature and landscape, but who also enjoys pet and commercial photography as well as digital photo restoration. Based in the beautiful Gatineau hills, my images aspire to reflect what makes this part of the world so special. From these images I create magnets, art cards and calendars as well as framed and unframed photos.

Che Malambo Prepared Food More

Traditional Argentinian empanadas; chimichurri sauce; the most authentic fine Argentinian patisserie, such us alfajores with dulce de leche, and more.

Chelsea Smokehouse Prepared Food More
(Photo : Sebastien Lavallee)

Smoked fish and seafood and take home meals.

Coronation Hall Cider Mills Farm Products More

Cider mill in operation since 2008, and at the Wakefield Farmers’ Market since 2010. Fresh apples and raspberries (in season), as well as juices, baked goods, preserves, and our famous traditional hard cider!

Ferme et Forêt Farm Products More


(Jean Levac/ Ottawa Citizen)

Ferme et Forêt is an ecological farm and wild foods enterprise just north of Wakefield. We offer:

  • maple syrup, boiled over a wood fire, frozen maple sap, maple fudge, and maple butter
  • a wide array of wild foods, from chokecherries and spruce tips, to nettle and milkweed
  • products made with wild foods, such as sumac juice, wild apple cider, and herbal teas
  • eggs from our small flock of laying hens, who are fed organic grains and allowed to free range on pasture
  • shiitake mushrooms, grown in our woods on maple and oak logs
  • granola and maple pies, made with our maple syrup
  • strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, asparagus, and garlic, grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers
Ferme Lève-tôt Farm Products More
(Photo : Sebastien Lavallee)
Ferme Ostribee Farm Products More

Ferme Ostribee is an ostrich farm located in the Pontiac north of Shawville. Our main products are ostrich eggs and shells. Did you know that ostrich eggs are the size of 24 chicken eggs? They contain a different protein than chicken eggs and can be consumed by people who are allergic to chicken eggs.

We also offer duck eggs. Our ducks are pasture managed, allowed to free range all day, and are fed grain, crickets and the occasional cucumber and tomato!


Ferme Pleine Lune Farm Products More
Ferme Sol Farm Products More

Ferme Sol provides products that warm and nourish us with the aim of reconnecting us to the land and the beings that sustain us. All products are sourced from materials from our farm: sheepskins, wool yarn, carded wool, curly wool locks, felted wool textiles (mittens, curtains, possibly slippers, lampshades, playmats, toys, vase covers).

Ferme Thuya Farm Products More

Sustainable house plants and hand made pottery.

Ficelles et bagatelles Crafts More
Forest2Fancy Crafts More

Forest2Fancy offers handcrafted wood décor showcasing nature’s beauty. All of our wood products are crafted from responsibly harvested local trees. Each piece is finished to enhance the grains of the various wood types. Our outdoor garden boxes and planting table are made of solid cedar allowing for years of a bountiful vegetable harvest.

Scroll sawed décor, charcuterie boards, garden boxes, planting tables, tables, variety of home wood décor, Christmas décor (seasonal), reclaimed barnboard décor.

Glass Works by Lucía Crafts More

Stained glass, terrariums, mosaics. Ornaments for the house and garden.

Janice Moorhead Crafts More
L’atelier de bois Crafts More

Sale of butternut wood objects, such as candlesticks, clocks, jewellery, and serving boards. The walnut was cut on my property and we transform it into handicrafts.

Le bar à savon Crafts More

In our Nature lab, it’s all about keeping it simple! We specialize in artisan hemp milk and coffee soaps, sourcing our ingredients through Canadian companies. Always using the highest quality oils, butters, tallow and plant-based matters. Our 3 month curing process permits us to sell a product that not only soothes and hydrates your skin but makes a soap that lasts. It’s important for us to make products with integrity and love, it keeps us grounded in this beautiful World of ours.

Le Tricotin de Nadia Crafts More

I am a designer of handmade woolen accessories. My collection contains 11 different styles of items for the whole family; Tuque, Headband, 3 models of Scarves, Neck Warmer, Balaclava, Leg Warmers, Mittens, Fingerless Mittens and Socks.

Loving Hands Craft Crafts More

Hand Made Moccasins, Leather shoulder Bags, Native Earrings, Baby Quilts, Bowl Cozies, Scented Trivets, and other crafts.

Marché McMillan Farm Products More

Certified organic market garden located in Wakefield. Two young farmers dedicated to growing high quality, environmentally responsible vegetables and flowers.

Monsieur Limonade Prepared Food More
Olde Stewart Farm Farm Products More

All things Haskap – fresh and frozen haskap berries, haskap syrups, haskap fruit spread, haskap chutney, haskap powder.

Quail House Prepared Food More

Jams, jellies and chutneys.
Rock’s End Farm Farm Products More
Saveurs des monts Farm Products More
(Photo : Sebastien Lavallee)

Chicken, eggs, strawberries, and corn.

Sempels Honey Farm Products More

We are a family business, run by 3rd generation beekeepers in the heart of the Pontiac. Our solar-powered, off-grid operation provides you with a large selection of unique honeys and many other products from our hives.

StellaMode Artisan Jewelry Crafts More

StellaMode is a local provider of one-of-a-kind heirloom jewelry. The artist, Marielle, creates beadwoven pieces, as well as hand-painted and hand-carved wood jewelry. Her creations include earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and more.

Sylvie Fergusson Studios Crafts More

Multidisciplinary artist.

Taïga Forest Botanicals Farm Products More

Wild and cultivated herbal teas from the North American portion of the Taïga Forest. For sale in bulk, as well as served hot as a “brew of the day”.

The Falafel Guys Prepared Food More

Handmade falafles, falafel wraps and syrian pizzas.

The Unknown Workshop Crafts More

Beer flights, coffee tables, coasters, cutting boards, and other woodworking.

Thewraparoundshop Crafts More

Jewelry creations and home decor that are made with ethically sourced stones and hand wrapped with wire.

Vallée & pétale ferme florale Farm Products More

Flower bouquets, natural arrangements and bulk flowers.

Vox Kombucha Prepared Food More

Vox Kombucha crafts delicious fizzy fermented tea that will quench your thirst and keep your spirits high, brewed locally in Wakefield, Quebec.

Wakefield Apparel Crafts More

Small batch tank tops, hats, sweaters, key chains and mugs. Designs based on our love for the village and the surrounding area.

Wakefield Bakery Prepared Food More
Wooden Things and Me Crafts More
Unique jewelry art made of wood and resin, handmade with many years of experience.
Woods Farm Farm Products More

All natural full flavor vegetables.
Yarrow Ceramics Crafts More
Zola Handmade Goods Crafts More

I live in the middle of the forest, where I make handmade goods varying from linen clothing and macrame items such as plant hangers, wall hangings, rugs, curtain ties, etc., to naturally dyed clothing and mud cloth textiles. Each item is handmade by myself in the comfort of my home where I am surrounded by my animals, my plants and nature.